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Steffanny's court

 The corner building with a splendid neo renaissance facade surprises with its detail architectonical sophistication and complexity. It is a real piece of art of ancient Times that take you back to the fine art and a Master work. So why not to own a piece of the past that will let you talk to the future generations? 
Steffany's court is a historical building honouring the female beauty which underlines the whole spirit of the reconstruction. Delicately chosen modern materials respect and underline the original beauty. 
The breath-taking complicity of architecture and the top location in the heart of the city gives a unique project, which behind his hundred years old walls hides delicately reconstructed flats, offices, restaurant and shops for sale.
The perfect location just next to Wenceslas square, the Czech "Champs Elysées" and two very closely situated metro stations Muzeum and Můstek makes Steffany's court become one of The Beats of the city. 

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Steffanny's court

Elegancy in the 21st century

Štěpánská 1742/27 Praha 1

Reconstructed flats and studio for Sale in historical residence

Unique investment with noblesy



In the neighbourhood

A great location just few steps from Wenceslav square and between the two Prague main metro stations Muzeum and Můstek. The neighborhood offers the best selection of Prague´s cafés, restaurants and clubs, on the move during the whole year with different cultural events and plenty of activities.

Wenceslas square is the best place to take a morning cup of coffee or a late dinner with a friend
In the nearby Vysehrad you will calm your mind or move your body.

Perfection itself

For our most demanding clients we have carefully selected the top brands form the wold of Bathrooms. Surround yourself with the pure beauty and estetical design.


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Exclusive brand with a sounding name. Embodiment of irredeemable Giorgio Armani style which satisfies the most demanding clients.


Exclusive brand with a sounding name. Embodiment of irredeemable Giorgio Armani style which satisfies the most demanding clients.



6th708cellarS8,5 SoldDetail
6th707cellarW3,8 SoldDetail
6.NP6091+kkW36 SoldDetail
5th6081+kkE32,8 5 757 000 AvailableDetail
6.NP6071+kkE23 SoldDetail
5th6061+kkE27,7 SoldDetail
5th6052+kkS53,4 gallery SoldDetail
6.NP6041+kkS31,8 5 581 000 AvailableDetail
6.NP6031+kkS24,9 SoldDetail
5th6021+kkS27,5 4 425 000 AvailableDetail
4th5091+kkW33,8 SoldDetail
5.NP5081+kkE35,3 SoldDetail
5.NP5071+kkE25,1 SoldDetail
5.NP5062+kkE33,8 4,5 7 064 000 AvailableDetail
6.NP6011+kkN25,6 5,4 SoldDetail
4th5051+kkE34,2 SoldDetail
4th5041+kkS31,4 5 935 000 AvailableDetail
5.NP5031+kkS24,2 SoldDetail
5.NP5021+kkS28,6 6 000 000 AvailableDetail
4th5011+kkN26,1 5,4 AvailableDetail
3rd4091+kkW33,9 SoldDetail
4.NP4081+kkE35,3 SoldDetail
4.NP4071+kkE25 SoldDetail
3rd4062+kkE41,4 7 639 000 AvailableDetail
3rd4051+kkS34,3 SoldDetail
3rd4041+kkE31,9 5 987 000 AvailableDetail
4.NP4031+kkS24,2 SoldDetail
4.NP4021+kkS28,9 6 329 000 AvailableDetail
4.NP4011+kkN26,1 5,4 SoldDetail
2nd3091+kkW35,3 5,4 6 586 000 AvailableDetail
2nd3081+kkE35,2 2 SoldDetail
2nd3071+kkE24,7 2,0 SoldDetail
3.NP3062+kkE41,1 SoldDetail
2nd3051+kkE34,2 5 950 000 AvailableDetail
2nd3041+kkS31,4 4 990 000 AvailableDetail
2nd3031+kkS24,1 SoldDetail
3.NP3021+kkS28,7 SoldDetail
3.NP3011+kkN25,8 5,4 SoldDetail
2.NP209AteliérW34,2 5,4 6 273 000 AvailableDetail
2.NP2081+kkE34,8 2 6 390 000 AvailableDetail
2.NP2071+kkE24,3 SoldDetail
1st 2062+kkE40.6 6 980 000 AvailableDetail
1st 2051+kkS33.4 5 985 000 AvailableDetail
1st 2041+kkS30.7 SoldDetail
2.NP2031+kkS24 SoldDetail
1st 2021+kkS28,2 SoldDetail
2.NP2011+kkN25,5 5,4 SoldDetail
1.NP107AteliérN21,3 SoldDetail
UGF/GF106shopE61 SoldDetail
UGF/GF105Commercial spaceE304,1 29 800 000 AvailableDetail
1.NP104AteliérS47,3 6 980 000 AvailableDetail
1.NP103AteliérS42 6 988 000 AvailableDetail
GF1021+kkS23,4 SoldDetail
GF101shopS54,8 35,9 8 328 000 AvailableDetail

Purchase conditions

Detail purchase conditions and timeline you can download here in PDF.

The prices are final after reconstruction

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Michaela Rumlerová

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Dmitriy Zakharov


Andrea Vaculíková



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